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Continuous Quality Improvement

The Center helps Court Improvement Programs (CIPs) build capacity to use a continuous quality improvement (CQI) approach to improve systems. CQI is a way to figure out if what we are doing works and where adjustments may be necessary. CQI can be viewed as a tool that can help you understand if you are achieving the desired results. It is an ongoing process with the aim of judiciously using resources.

CQI Quick Sheets

Current Efforts

Most CIPs have had some background education about the concepts in CQI. The Center is focused on supporting CIPs further integrating CQI into projects and systemic practices.

Specific efforts in this area include:

  • Developing publications on CQI concepts (e.g., data, study methodologies)
  • Developing publications on applying CQI to specific topics
  • Developing short, user-friendly learning modules to support CQI implementation
  • Convening constituency groups to support peer-to-peer learning
  • Holding workshops focused on enhancing CIPs ability to apply CQI directly on a given topic
  • Convening workgroups (e.g., quality representation) to assist in creation of universal CQI products